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Mia Khalifa Video Game Night

  • Release Date:Jun 23, 2021
  • Duration:00:04:58
  • Language:English

Mia Khalifa and her friends, Rachel Rose and Tiffany Valentine, gather together for a night of fun video games. If memory serves me right, it was some kind of football game. But Mia Khalifa tends to live life a little differently than most. So as she and her friends play, she has her male friend, Don, pleasure her. Don got a little action from the other girls as well in the form of handjobs and blowjobs. But ultimately Don goes on to penetrate Mia Khalifa in several different positions as she continues to watch and play video games, never looking away from the tv. Her focus is intense! Such impressive discipline, I tell you. You can’t tell from this short clip because it is only a preview, but Don busts a nut in Mia Khalifa’s warm and waiting mouth. It’s pretty dope.

Does all of this seem familiar to you? Maybe it’s because Brandi Belle did it a while ago. We’ll make a comparison clips for you guys in the near future so you can decide who did it better haha. Personally, I really enjoyed Mia Khalifa’s modern take on it. But I will say that Brandi Belle did quite an excellent job herself.

Anywho, in the video that you can watch up above, you can watch our resident perv Sally Scoop’s reaction to the trailer for this scene. Many people have enjoyed this reaction clip on tube sites like xVideos and PornHub. We’re so glad it finally has a home on our official website, XXX Reaction! Sally Scoop narrates the goings on and calls it like she sees it. As per usual, it is quite entertaining. Watch and see for yourself!

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