Kourtney Kai: Pocahontas Has No Tan Lines!

  • Release Date:Jun 23, 6000
  • Duration:00:02:18
  • Country:USA
  • Language:English

Holy fuck, you guys, this Bang Bus porno starring young PAWG Kourtney Kai was a blast! I had so much fun watching and reacting to it. It starts out with the homies patrolling the streets of Miami in search of a good time. They find it in the form of Kourtney Kai resting on a table. To get her attention, they toss a water bottle in her general direction (which I found to be rude AF) and then they offer her money to get in the van with them. As per usual, that works like a charm.

On the bus, this #perfectlypale beauty sucks and fucks like a dream. Her big ass is quite nice and, at least IMHO, devoid of tan lines. Do you guys see tan lines? Because I don’t. Maybe my monitor is broken, I dunno. But I could swear Pocahontas has no tan lines! Haha.

Oh yea, she looks kind of Native American to me. Don’t you guys think so?

Anywhoot, Tony Rubino is having the time of his life with this chick. He fingers her clit while she sucks his dick. And then he begins to fuck her while she strokes his shaft. I mean, this girl is fucking talented!

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